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Relife Ending

Who else is bummed about the manga series coming to an end? I know I am!
The RELIFE Manga Series Is Ending This March With It's 222nd Chapter
The RELIFE Manga Series Is Ending This March With It's 222nd Chapter It was announced in the 217th chapter of the ReLIFE manga that it will be ending in March on it's…
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not at all. Been waiting for closure on the protagonist's experiment.

And if the author feels like it she can always make a sequel for what happens afterwards (the next experiment).
It's been three months since the last chapter posted and I miss the thrill of reading a new chapter every week. it wasn't my sole reason for living, but it started out my week on a great note, even the chapters with sad endings.

As @PanSola suggests, should the author wish to make a sequel, following up on Kaizaki's first subject, and how he manages his relationship with his "older woman", there will always be those of us that would love to be let into that world.
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