Honoka Tamarai is a student in the same class as Arata Kaizaki.

Appearance Edit

She has a fairly slim build, her body is very developed and seems to be more built up in comparison to Kairu due to her being a sporty person all in all

She has about chin length brown hair, she also keeps 2 blue pins in her hair, reason unknown

Personality Edit

She is a outwardly cheerful person that's very caring. She's also very clumsy. Inwardly she's thoughtful. She deeply cares for her friends, especially Kariu Rena. She's a character that's as readable as an open book. How she feels is clearly shown in the anime.

History Edit

Story Edit

Relationships Edit

Kariu Rena - Kariu is her rival in volleyball as well as her friend.

Kaizaki Arata - They met each other because they both had to do make up exams.

Hishiro Chizuru - Tamarai met her through Kariu.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

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