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  • First I assume you aren't done revising it, but I want to bring up the various issues that exist in the current version of the draft.

    • The character's official name should always be the title of the article.
      • The same goes for chapter, episode and volume titles. The literal translation of the Japanese should be the title and the English name should serve as a redirect.

    1. My first issue: The wording of the policy quoted above suggests that all English names are not official, but ReLIFE does has official localization in English up to Vol 7.
    2. Second, the policy quoted above would also mean that Report 1 should be renamed either to [[Report 1. Arata Kaizaki (27), Unemployed]] (the literal translation of the Japanese name equals the English name) or just [[Arata Kaizaki (27), Unemployed]], depending on whether we consider "Reprt 1." to be part of the name. While I personally don't care if it gets renamed, somehow I get the feeling that is not what you intended.
    3. Also, the policy as currently written does not elaborate on what happens if a chapter title and an episode title (and/or a volume title) are identical. We have previously discussed this, and the current draft of the policy contradicts (or at least does not represent) what you said last time.

    Another bullet point in the policy explicitly mentioned macrons as an example, so I feel I should also bring up that topic again.

    Take 大神和臣 as an example:

    • Official "Japanese English" spelling = Kazuomi Ohga
    • Official "American English" localization = Kazuomi Oga
    • Standard romanization of the Japanese name = Kazuomi Ōga

    The version with the macron is, ironically, the only non-official way to spell the name.

    For 夜明了, we get:

    • Official "Japanese English" spelling = Ryo Yoake
    • Official "American English" localization = Ryo Yoake
    • Standard romanization of the Japanese name = Ryō Yoake

    We can go with macrons if you really want to. I can appreciate it from an academic perspective, but that would require us to not follow the "The character's official name should always be the title of the article" policy. A possibly way to word that policy would be:

    • The standard romanization of the character's official Japanese name should always be the title of the article.
      • The same goes for names of location and institutions
        • For example, the capital of Japan would be Tōkyō, not Tokyo nor Toukyou.

    Some additional clarifications would still need to be added to the above wording assuming we want to use "Aoba High School" instead of "Aoba Kōtō Gakkō" as the article name of the school...

    On the other hand, if you want to stay with official names, we still need to pick a side between Official Japanese English spelling versus Official American English localization spelling.

    I'm fine whatever you decide on the policy, as long as the resulting policy does not contradict itself.

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  • colour, metre, biscuit, today is 9/11/2017?

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  • Instead of only giving the DOM elements one class "relife-tablet-blue" or "relife-tablet-blue", you can do two classes at once: "relife-tablet relife-tablet-blue" or "relife-tablet relife-tablet-green".

    Then in the css file, ".relife-tablet" can contain all the style rules that are common across all colors (and uses a default color), while "relife-tablet-blue" and "relife-tablet-green" only contain color-specific rules that override the default color.

    This allows you to easily maintain lots of different colors of the same basic style. As an example of this idea put into actual use, see the bottom of MediaWiki:Common/PortableInfobox.css where I gave override colors for bonus-report and episodeinfo.

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  • c:

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  • If the title images can be the same dimensions (or aspect ratio) as the thumbnails, then when switching between tabs on the infobox, the infobox won't grow/shrink. Not like we lose anything by trimming out whitespaces from the top/bottom right?

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  • I would not have expected "File:Report 203 Thumbnail.jpg" to be considered too long for filename length. at what length would they be considered reasonable?

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    • but where did the words "Original Story & Art by Yayoi Sou" come from though?

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    • They are from the template of a fan-translation team. I thought that it was originally there in the webcomics.

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  • General rule: only use !important when you need to override another !important.

    Otherwise there is usually a way to make sure the style you want doesn't get overridden, by using a more specific selector. Let me know if I can help trouble-shoot any issues you run into.

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    • Yeah, that !important is needed in that part to override the generic color of infoboxes; which happens to be the same one that is applied to Template:Report.

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    • as far as I can tell though, the generic border color can be overriden without using !important. border too

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    • I think, that only applies if the generic border color is not specified in the first place. I'm no expert in CSS but I know that using !important is the easiest way to ensure that it's the style that you want. Please tweak it if you may, as you see fit.

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    • Sometimes a style that is recently added might not seem to work, simply because the old style was still being cached.

      If there is a rule that didn't use !important, and you can only figure out how to override it with !important, then if that rule becomes !important, you will have no way to override it even with your own !important. And if one person starts to use !important by default, and other people start to need to use !important to override other !important, then we run into a proliferation of !important when you won't be able to override lots of rules even with your own !important.

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  • Currently it's slightly inconsistent, so I want to start with one rule: Where the article is a member of a type, and there is a category for that type, then its category name should be written in plural form. Example: Kaizaki is a earthling, and if we make a category to keep track of earthlings, it should be named Category:Earthlings (plural) instead of Category:Earthling (singular).

    I don't actually have a strong preference whether it goes plural or singular, I just want something consistent.

    Not all categorization describe a type-membership relationship, so this rule wouldn't matter to some categories. For example, there could be a category named Category:Aoba Highschool, and it wouldn't be plural, because that category doesn't contain different Aoba Highschools inside (it is more of an abbreviation of "Articles related to Aoba Highschool")

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    • Yes, the title case one.

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    • Actually, on the second thought, we could apply the normal case too at long category titles such as "Articles that appear in ReLIFE (Movie)", "Articles with major spoilers", and "Articles without proper referencing".

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  • "Encyclopedia Wiki" is kind of long. What do you think about making up a word and call it "the ReLIFE Encyclowikia"?

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  • The version of MediaWiki:Licenses‎‎ you added had most of the drop down options pointing to templates that do not exist on this wiki, so I deleted your entire thing (in order to revert to the default), saved the default, and then ported in the fair use options.

    If you care about the other dropdown options you had in there, let's make sure what we do to port them actually works.

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