Nobunaga Asaji is a student in Aoba High School.

Appearance Edit

He is a black haired teen with black eyes, his height is 184 cm, making him the tallest in their classroom.

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Nobunaga is a mother figure like in Aoba High School, he's always there to assist the students who got hurt in some activities. besides being strong and good at sports he as a very gentle personalty.

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Honoka Tamarai and Akira Inukai's childhood friend.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Author of ReLIFE has noted that Nobunaga is terrible at Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • He is a member of the Health Committee
  • From first grade elementary school to senior year in high school, the team he is on has never won a inter-class competition. This jinx is based on an actual friend of the author. [1]
  • Asaji's surename is an homage to the Asaji Station in Ōita, Japan.

References Edit

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