ReLIFE Comico

About the Manga Edit

ReLIFE is an ongoing original webcomic by Sou Yayoi (Japanese: 夜宵草). It was first serialized comico from October 12, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Kaizaki Arata is a 27-year-old, out-of-work man who has failed at each and every job interview he has had after quitting his last company where he only lasted three months.

His life changes after he meets Yoake Ryou of the ReLIFE Research Institute, who offers him a drug that can change his appearance to that of a 17-years-old again. Taking the drug, he becomes a subject in a one-year experiment in which he begins his life as a high school student again.

Note: Nominated for the 39th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards in 2015.

(Source: Baka-Updates Manga) [1]

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese name is リライフ (Romaji: riraifu)
  • This is a webcomic
  • You can read it on the comico website for free
  • This will be adapted into an anime.

References Edit


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