[The doorbell to Chizuru Hishiro's room rings. It was An Onoya at the other side of the door.]

An Onoya [Cheerfully]: Hishiro-san~!

[The door opens slightly enough for Chizuru Hishiro and An Onoya to face each other.]

An Onoya [Cheerfully]: Let's spend new year's eve together~♪♫

Chizuru Hishiro: ...

[The door starts to close. An Onoya grabs the door end to let her in.]

Chizuru Hishiro: Please leave.

An Onoya: Wait. Wait. Wait!

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(Title Panel)

An Onoya: It's terrible~ I can't go back home and I can't meet up with anyone because I'm in this form. I was going to spend new year's eve alone. Don't you think this is way too lonely? How about we reminisce and talk about everything that happened this year? Hmm?

Chizuru Hishiro: ...

[The door starts to open widely.]

An Onoya: And celebrate that you were finally able to convey your feelings to Kaizaki-kun.

[Chizuru Hishiro jolts slightly.]

An Onoya: I made these delicious new year soba as well.

[An Onoya brought up the food inside the plastic bag. Chizuru Hishiro immediately felt enthusiastic about it.]

Chizuru Hishiro: ... Will you please leave once you get wasted?

An Onoya [Cheerfully]: Yay~! I'm coming in~♪

An Onoya [Monologue]: That was easy~♪

[Title Panel]

An Onoya [Loudly]: It was incredible! Christmas was really amazing!

[An Onoya, drunk, slams her can of beer at the top of the table.]

An Onoya [Loudly]: I was so moved. I cried!

[An Onoya sobs for a moment while Chizuru Hishiro stares at her.]

Chizuru Hishiro: ... Why are you ...

Chizuru Hishiro [Monologue]: ... So drunk already?

An Onoya: It's my wish as part of the support division to have the subject succeed and be happy! You worked so hard. You were able to convey your feelings to Kaizaki-san. I am really glad.

[Chizuru Hishiro feels stunned.]

Chizuru Hishiro: ... You're right. All this happiness does feel like it's all a dream.

Chizuru Hishiro [Monologue]: All this happiness. As if I'm in a dream. (As if I'm in a dream ...)

[Meanwhile, Arata Kaizaki and Ryō Yoake are also having their feast on new year's eve at Arata's home.]

[Arata Kaizaki and Ryō Yoake smiled and laugh after talking about a lot things. Arata began to reach on his phone and contact Chizuru Hishiro.]

[After a while, Chizuru Hishiro received the text from Arata Kaizaki.]

Arata Kaizaki [Text Message]: Happy New Year! I look forward to spending more time with you this year.

[Chizuru Hishiro smiled gleamingly.]

Chizuru Hishiro [Text Message]: I wish you a happy new year. Please take care of me this year as well.

[Arata Kaizaki blushed.]

Arata Kaizaki [Text Message]: If you'd like tomorrow ... though I guess the date has already changed so it should be "today", do you want to go visit the shrine with everyone? I could ask them if they're available.

Chizuru Hishiro [Text Message]: I would love to. In that case, I'll ask Kariu-san and the others myself.

Ryō Yoake [Cheerfully]: What are you grinning about by yourself~?

[Arata Kaizaki shrugs and immediately turned his phone away from Ryō Yoake.]

Arata Kaizaki: Don't peek!

An Onoya [Cheerfully]: You know your face is softening~? Was it due from your dream-like Kaizaki-kun~?

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Arata Kaizaki & Chizuru Hishiro [Monologue]: Even though this happiness is just a dream. Even though I will disappear like a dream. Even if it's the case, I'm sure I won't regret walking down this path. I don't want things to be left undone. I want to be able to say I had an incredible RELIFE until the very end. I will enjoy these last two months as much as I can~.

Arata Kaizaki: I'm counting on you this year as well!

Ryō Yoake: Of course, same here.

Chizuru Hishiro: Please take care of me this year as well.

An Onoya [Cheerfully]: Yeah, it'll be my pleasure~!

Chizuru Hishiro: ... Are you making fun of me?

An Onoya: Huh, why?!?

Chizuru Hishiro: You were imitating me when you said that, weren't you?

[An Onoya laughs.]

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Report 200 End Panel

(End Panel)

An Onoya & Ryō Yoake [Monologue]: It would be great if the four of us could drink together someday.