• Your recent edit filled in a quote from report 202, but the template's logic makes it display as from report 203. Do we need to pick a quote from report 203? Or do we need to adjust the template logic to not always assume it is from the latest chapter?

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    • Hello there, PanSola!~ I really appreciate your contributions as there are only few editors who pass by in this community recently.

      Without further ado, here are the answers for your queries.

           (1) The best way is to pick a quote that corresponds to the featured picture. That means, we have to choose a quote from Report 203.

           (2) There's no need to adjust the template logic, the picture in Mainpage/featuredpicture, as what you have already noticed, follows this counter template which renews every Saturday. This implies that since we always have to feature the latest chapter, not only we should upload the picture but also the quotation must be rewritten again. The problem with this is that the English fan translations do not appear immediately as they should have -- that leaves the quotation cited below be untouched and left outdated for few days.

           Another option, however, if we just remove this quotation part, there'll be no problems regarding it. How about it? What do you think?

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    • My personal opinion is that there is no reason the featured picture need to be from the latest chapter.

      Automated systems are nice. But automated systems that require manual updating defeats the point. If say there is one week when nobody has time/motivation to even upload a picture from the latest chapter, then we have a section of the main page that is broken.

      I'd rather see a featured picture from an older chapter than a broken featured picture section without a picture.

      A hybrid solution would be to code the template so that IF a featured picture from the latest chapter exists, use it. Otherwise fallback to some other picture (depending on the mediawiki extensions we have installed here, could be a random pick from a specified pool).

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    • Okay~!

      I'll see what I can do later with this. Thanks for the recommendation.

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