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ReLIFE ⑦ is the seventh volume of webcomics published in book form. It was released on February 25th. ISBN 978-4-8030-0996-5

Dust Jacket Edit

The front of the dust jacket features Oga Kazuomi and Kariu Rena standing back-to-back. The shoulder of Kaizaki Arata from the dust jacket of Volume 6 partially protrudes into the dust jacket of volume 7.

On the side the same artwork for Oga is reused.

The back of the dust jacket features Kaizaki Arata and Hishiro Chizuru peeping from the bushes.

Inner Cover Edit

The inner cover of the book features one 4-coma comic strip in the front and one in the back.

The front 4-coma features Oga baking delicious cookies.

The back 4-coma features Kariu baking burnt cookies.

Contents Edit

Volume 7 contains reports 98~111 of the original webcomic, edited to fit the book form factor (same panel art, but the panels and speech bubbles are moved/resized). It also includes an original chapter labeled Bonus report.

Thumbnail Original Name
Thumbnail 098 report98. 触るな
Don't Touch Her
When the man puts his hand on Rena, Kazuomi couldn't stand it anymore and rushes out to intervene...
Thumbnail 099 report99. 君がいる日常に
A Normal Day With You
As Kazuomi walks Rena to the train station, he comes to realize his feelings for her...
Thumbnail 100 report100. 高校最後と最初で最後
Last In School And First And Last
Kazuomi discusses his newly discovered feelings with Arata and asks for help. Somehow An, Chizuru, and Ryo all joined the discussion!
Thumbnail 101 report101. 赤色気分
Feeling Red
Rena explains the impetus behind her plan to confess her love, while Chizuru wonders whether it would all be for naught...
Thumbnail 102 report102. 似合ってる
Looking Good Together
Arata feels complicated as he noticed how the red yukata looks good on Chizuru... and how Chizuru looks good taking Ryo's arm.
Thumbnail 103 report103. 告白…?
Arata, Honoka, and co. plots a way for Kazuomi and Rena to be alone together for the confession. Meanwhile, Ryo reminds Arata to treasure his own last high school summer himself.
Thumbnail 104 report104. 泡沫の花
Fleeting Flowers
Watching the fireworks disappearing in the sky brings out thoughts and emotions in Arata and Chizuru...
Thumbnail 105 report105. ノームードからの
Starting Without Mood
Chizuru and Arata peeps upon Kazuomi and Rena's confession.
Thumbnail 106 report106. ベリースイート
Very Sweet
Having each confessed their own feelings, Kazuomi and Rena compared notes.
Thumbnail 107 report107. リフレクト
Chizuru talks about what she thought of Oga and Rena's confession, and her new thoughts about happiness. Arata, knowing he'll be forgotten at the end of the experiment, resolves to cheer Chizuru on...
Thumbnail 108 report108. 合法JKだとしても
Even If It Is A Legal High School Girl
Arata, reminding himself that he'll be gone from Chizuru's life, fights off his feelings for her.
Thumbnail 109 report109. 2度目の18
18 Again
It is Arata's birthday, yet he still has to deal with retaking tests. Kazuomi baked some cookies for him, while Ryo and An visits for a drink.
Thumbnail 110 report110. 変調
Ryo and An worries Arata might socially go into withdrawal again if Arata becomes overly concerned with his friends' memories. Rena reports to Honoka and Chizuru the result of her confession.
Thumbnail 111 report111. 会心のドストレート
Critical Straight
The topic changes from Rena's confession to Chizuru's attempt to understand whether what she has been feeling is love or something else. Reminded by Rena, Chizuru decides to face the question head-on...
Bonus report. ハッピーバースデー
Happy Birthday
Kazuomi asks for help choosing a present for Rena's birthday...